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  • 3-10-2017 12:06:00
  • Denim

Rain showers, cloudy skies and cold wind gusts have already proven the point: autumn is here (and it’s not going away). That being said, at ShirtbyHand we don’t chicken out so easily – and neither should you. For the duration of October, we’re allowing you to stay comfy in a season that’s anything but comfy.

Autumn blues
Autumn has its dreary characteristics, but also ushers in a mood that’s much more attractive. Just think of soft-lit and warm-hearted evenings, soundtracked by the soothing hum of rain. Whether your nights (or days) are spent on the couch watching Netflix or drinking specialty beers at a café, they ask for a casual and comfortable outfit. Not the cheesy or boring kind, but a smart and stylish look. That’s what ShirtbyHand denim is all about.

Denim returns
Whether you’re up for the ever popular indigo or timeless and sophisticated black denim, we’ve got you covered. That counts for casual Friday, the drinks that follow and the dinner that’s next. It even holds for a night out, in case that’s how your evening wraps up. Also, we’ve added a new denim colour way to match your individual style – but more about that later.

For this month’s campaign shoot, our models took to the streets of our hometown Amsterdam, also known as denim city. Enjoying the last little bit of summer sun, they were dressed in various shades of denim and captured in front of the city’s picturesque canal houses. And though the sun might no longer be showing itself, what shines through their portraits is the most Dutch word of Dutch words: gezellig. Best translated as cozy, this is just the feeling we’re looking for when autumn creeps up.

As mentioned before, ShirtbyHand wouldn’t be ShirtbyHand without constantly searching for new colours and fabrics. That’s why we’d love to draw your attention – for just a second or two – to a fresh new favourite: chambray. A true blue, we’re sure this is just what every wardrobe needs. Order now, and we’ll throw in a matching earbud holder to keeps your headphones from tangling up. And just in case your sizes need an update, you know where to find us. Come on, cozy up!


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