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Italian summer

  • 30-6-2017 15:53:45
  • Italian summer

As summer is upon us, it’s time to transition into a style that can beat the heat of summer days well spent. Offering the ease and laidback luxury of Italy, ShirtbyHand’s premium range of breathable cotton shirts is perfect for hot summer days that shift into warm evenings. Capturing the essence of Italian style, these new shirts are classic, elegant and timeless pieces with a silky finish. Now here’s the good news: just for the month of July, they come at a reduced price.

Splendid scenery
Nothing quite beats Italy in summer. As a nation that is known for its breathtaking Amalfi coastline, stunning lakes – think: Lake Como – and bustling, historic cities; no wonder its fashion identity is just as wonderful. Transporting you straight to that Mediterranean mood wherever you are, our shirts are made for scenery-set moments. Allowing you to dress up, kick back and relax in style, this is how you work the country’s laid-back but elegant look.

Time to show off
Reflected in each design, our custom shirts deliver an unmistakable Italian style. Perhaps a little more than the style you’re used to, ShirtbyHand premium shirts have a touch of ‘show off’ – a golden logo that would suit the well-dressed Milanese men parading the capital. Speaking of Italian cities, our premium shirts hold a mixture of the country’s city styles, from trendy Milan to classic Florence and relaxed Ravello. Whatever you prefer, here’s a look that’s hard to come by.

Dress for the occasion
Further down south, the weather becomes hotter and the style becomes more relaxed. Whether you’re enjoying lush landscapes, strolling the beach or stranded on a turquoise shore, the Italian charm is everywhere. Get the hang of summer dressing as our shirts offer refuge for unwinding moments – from the early morning until the romantic hours before sundown. So throw on one of our shades of blue to make your outfit fit for the occasion. Or fit for the adventure, when you set sail on Italy’s great lakes.

Relax, it’s not serious
Whether you are crossing seas this summer or staying put, the aim is to continue that carefree look and give off style that breathes Italian coastlines. This is where ShirtbyHand’s unique, handmade pieces come in. They are made to be travelled with or to simply tell the story of distant summer travels. Our new premium shirts translate well into some serious style, but also say: “relax, it’s not serious!” On offer for just €69 instead of €99 this July, this is your chance to give luxury a try.

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