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Blank canvas

  • 1-6-2017 13:21:48
  • Blank canvas

Stuck in a style situation that’s keeping you from enjoying those moments of early summer bliss? As a solid wardrobe staple, ShirtbyHand’s timeless white shirt is the key to a great yet affordable style. Also, it will offer some assuring comfort the next time you receive an invite with a “smart-casual” dress code. Here’s some personal style advice to the all-round classic that, most certainly, will save you from wardrobe trouble.

Back to basics
As the perfect starting point for building a durable wardrobe, the crisp white garment comes as a godsend to all those struggling to find a piece of clothing that pairs with anything and suits all occasions. Strong in its simplicity, a nicely fitted white shirt spells out character. It’s casual and formal – as well as everything in between. The neutral surface is a perfect blank canvas, allowing any personality to shine.

Button up
Hand-tailored and made for your sizes, our white shirt can be worn buttoned up and sealed shut with a tie to achieve a formal look. If neatly placed underneath a fine-tailored suit or tucked into a high-wasted skirt, the sleek surface is sure to create an air of elegance and formality. It will function equally well during long office hours and the occasional, glamorous black-tie event. Through its simplicity, a well-worn white shirt contains qualities of refinement, prestige and intellect. It will no doubt leave an impression the next time you enter a boardroom, wearing this smart piece of business attire.

Hang loose
Get the hang of mixing and matching as you make this classic item work at any given moment. For a more laid-back appeal and occasions that don’t ask for a tie, have the white shirt unbuttoned, showing some skin to achieve that calm, cool and collected look. Tucked into some breezy shorts, worn above a pair of blue jeans or even a tracksuit bottom for the more athletic look ¬– the white shirt is sure to make any outfit appear well defined. And in case you’re feeling even more carefree, let it hang loose to achieve the gracious nonchalance you’ll have everyone feeling jealous over at the next summer barbecue.

The encounter
With the white shirt, any future style decision will become a no-brainer, whether it’s the most casual or the most official occasion you’re attending. In tune with its subtle, simplistic and effective aesthetic, we now also offer knotty cufflinks to add a charming finishing touch. Start designing your shirt today and get ready for stylish summer days, where the encounter between casual and formal is bound to take shape.

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