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  • Denim

Rain showers, cloudy skies and cold wind gusts have already proven the point: autumn is here (and it’s not going away). That being said, at ShirtbyHand we don’t chicken out so easily – and neither should you. For the duration of October, we’re allowing you to stay comfy in a season that’s anything but comfy.

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Back to business

  • Back to business

We don’t want to be the wet blanket to your last few days of sun, but September’s here and summer is slowly saying goodbye. The holidays have turned into a cherished collection of photos on your smartphone and work is calling. But why not turn a negative into a positive? Here at ShirtbyHand, we’ve got your back.

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Indian Summer

  • Indian Summer

August equals a wardrobe in transition. As chilly nights start closing in on warm summer days, it’s time to create room for some elegant, cool-weather clothes that also work for bright daylight and sunny spells. Featuring soft (early) autumn shades, here’s why our flannel shirts are the ideal transit piece to accompany a shift in season.

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Italian summer

  • Italian summer

As summer is upon us, it’s time to transition into a style that can beat the heat of summer days well spent. Offering the ease and laidback luxury of Italy, ShirtbyHand’s premium range of breathable cotton shirts is perfect for hot summer days that shift into warm evenings. Capturing the essence of Italian style, these new shirts are classic, elegant and timeless pieces with a silky finish. Now here’s the good news: just for the month of July, they come at a reduced price.

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Blank canvas

  • Blank canvas

Stuck in a style situation that’s keeping you from enjoying those moments of early summer bliss? As a solid wardrobe staple, ShirtbyHand’s timeless white shirt is the key to a great yet affordable style. Also, it will offer some assuring comfort the next time you receive an invite with a “smart-casual” dress code. Here’s some personal style advice to the all-round classic that, most certainly, will save you from wardrobe trouble.

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Light as linen

  • Light as linen

Enjoying those long days lately? We most certainly have, and we’re celebrating with the drop of a renewed product! Embracing slow evenings filled with soft sunlight, fresh drinks and good conversation, it’s time to get to know ShirtbyHand linen.

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About our shirts

  • About our shirts

When asked what makes ShirtbyHand special, the first thing that usually comes to mind is of course the way we do things (differently). We travel to you to get your measurements on location, so you can create the custom shirt you’ve always wanted. However, there’s much more to us. In fact, this is what makes our shirts the ideal product.

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Plain weave en herringbone

  • Wegwijzer in weefsels

Wij bieden een ruim assortiment wevingen aan, want keuzevrijheid en topkwaliteit staan natuurlijk voorop. Maar wat betekenen de weefselaanduidingen eigenlijk? Deze keer leggen we uit wat wordt bedoeld met ‘plain weave’ en ‘herringbone’.

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