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For the first time ever, ShirtbyHand will be part of Black Friday. Not Black Friday as you know it – with big bargains and exclusive discounts – but our own version of it.

It’s crucial to us that all of our employees, and the production process they sustain, are in safe hands. That’s why our Black Friday revolves around our employees in Vietnam.

When we asked them what they truly need, the answer was clear: a yearly breast cancer exam for all 60 women in the factory. Why? Every year the destructive disease affects over 10,000 new patients.

“A yearly check is really important for me because I’m planning to start a family in the near future…”

So, this is what we’re doing. Between the 24th and 26th of November we will donate €10 of every order to our factory employees, allowing every woman access to the much-needed yearly check.

Let’s do this together. Your support is greatly appreciated. Shop Now #OurBlackFriday

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